Monday, March 26, 2012

Week 5

Last week I made some test pages to see how different combinations of tools would look. I printed out a loosely penciled page twice and inked it 2 different ways, then tried toning and coloring each of those. Results:

1) Inked with a metal nib

2) Metal nib inking + flat graytones

3) Metal nib inking + color

4) Inked with a brush

5) Brush inking + halftones

6) Brush inking + color

I also got positive feedback on the watercolor sketches last week, and suggestions that I watercolor the entire book. I am preeeeeetty sure that is not going to happen, because it would be difficult to correct mistakes without redrawing pages (or at least panels) from scratch. On the other hand, I LOVE watercolor comics and I think I might actually be faster at watercoloring than digital coloring.

1 comment:

  1. Looking good - it's actually a pretty dramatic difference if you open up the two different inked versions in new browser tabs and click back and forth. Thanks for sharing that!

    As for watercolour - how about splashes of it here and there? Like how every so often in Ranma 1/2, there would be a few introductory pages that were originally printed in colour? Maybe something similar at the start of certain chapters? Just thinkin' out loud.