Monday, May 28, 2012

Week 14

I've been working pretty much every day since convention season started in March.  It's just a busy time of year and as a freelancer, I have to get in there and take paying jobs while the getting's good in order to make projects like Over the Surface possible.  I took this weekend off, though, kind of on accident.  Fun things came up and I did them?  I didn't make it to work Saturday or Sunday.  It was nice!  It's good to recharge, be more social, and rest my drawing hand now and then.

Also, artists, I cannot stress how important regular exercise is for us.  Cardiovascular exercise improves circulation, which improves our endurance at the drafting table and makes it less likely that we'll injure ourselves.  Just gonna keep harping on that now and then...

So I got less done than I wanted this week, but I'm alright with it:

I was going to prepare an inking video for this update, but that'll have to come later.  I can't do it alone: I need a buddy to hold the camera!  Gonna have to bug one of the Periscope interns.


  1. Will it make me a "yes-man" fan if I say "looking good!" when all I can see is just blackened-in squares? I wish to give encouragement, at any rate!

    1. It's always appreciated. :) I'll try and make sure these posts have actual new ARTWORK in them in the future.